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Grede’s Foundries Are Going Smart

Metalcasting isn’t just an art – it’s a science. That’s why, at Grede, we’re moving from the art of the foundry to the science of metalcasting™. Grede is implementing Industry 4.0, IoT, and smart manufacturing with AI. We know science, innovation, and collaboration are critical to successful solutions. Technology isn’t a threat—it’s an incredible opportunity. Grede is leading the foundry industry in smart manufacturing and IoT.

We’re pleased to announce that Grede will be the first to implement Monitizer, @NoricanGroup Industry 4.0 solution, across all major processes at multiple foundries across the United States.

Monitizer will help us better understand how to reduce our costs, reduce our defects, and improve on downtime, ultimately improving the overall efficiency of our operations. Our IoT journey is leading us to 100% traceability, where critical operational data is available at our fingertips throughout the life of the product. The end goal is to rely on science and AI-driven problem-solving to transform our operations. That’s the foundry of the future.

For more information about our AI-driven strategy, visit What’s In It For Me When a Foundry Goes ‘Smart’ | Casting Source.