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For Grede, integrity is everything.

Grede’s foundation and philosophy of integrity have been essential to its legacy and success. As a historic American foundry, Grede is one of the longest-standing enterprises in producing highly engineered ductile, gray, and specialty iron castings.

Grede has provided more than 100 years of reliable and innovative iron castings to the industrial, commercial truck, and automotive markets that have built and transformed the world as we know it. Today, we lead the industry with 10 facilities across America and 3,000 team members, each an artist of their trade.

Our Iron Ingenuity

Grede’s integrity has never faltered, even when the evolving manufacturing landscape created a need to be nimble. While others doubled down on only traditional methods, Grede made a proactive choice to pivot and expand. Our thoughtful investment in modern tools and training paved a new path forward—and kept us a mile ahead. Because of this, Grede has continued to be an indispensable resource and a revered, visionary partner within the mobility industry.

Investments in Technology and People

A willingness to embrace and excel at new technologies and methods, combined with an inclusive workforce and the optimized operations to implement them, means Grede can confidently guarantee excellence throughout every experience. This has cemented our status as a trusted trailblazer, and Grede’s ability to easily adapt to the unknown is reflected in every aspect of its business.

United Grede

This success would not be possible without Grede’s investment in our people. From executive leadership to trade workers and prospective employees of all backgrounds, no other businesses hold a candle to our commitment, passion, and capabilities.

Each unique personality and perspective is invaluable to Grede’s culture, which is why Grede is diligent in creating tailored professional development programs and a welcoming environment where everyone can grow.

Casting Integrity

The same precision, attention, and warmth can be expected by partners and stakeholders driven by potential. Grede knows that genuine, quality relationships are the key to galvanizing a shared enthusiasm for positive impact and creating the momentum to cast a brighter future across industries. Between our vibrant workforce and glowing testimonials, Grede consistently outshines our competition and sparks inspiration at every turn.

With immense pride in our origins, entrepreneurial spirit, values, and people, Grede promises unequivocal greatness. Fulfillment, stability, and endless opportunities are offered to customers, partners, and employees to ensure that Grede is in service of our ambitious goals.

Maybe you’re eager to elevate your offerings, or perhaps you’re ready to reinvent the wheel—whatever your unique objective, Grede’s clarity, enthusiasm, and support for every journey will never leave you wondering how you’ll get there. No matter your project or preferred pace, you’ll always go further with Grede.