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Grede’s six core values are deeply ingrained principles that guide our actions and serve as cultural cornerstones.


For Grede, integrity is everything. We’re honest, trustworthy, ethical, and fair. We dare to do what’s right and never compromise on our principles. 

Performance Excellence

We deliver world-class value to our stakeholders through safety, innovation, operational transformation, continuous improvement, and communication. 

Stakeholder Value

We work together to meet or exceed the expectations of our employees, customers, shareholders, and partners and hold ourselves accountable for results. 

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We combine heritage with the passion of a start-up. We take calculated risks, extend boundaries, move quickly and decisively, and take responsibility for finding new ways to grow our company.

United Grede

We create a culture of collaboration as we all move toward one collective mission. We respect and support one another, foster teamwork, and celebrate success. We seek an inclusive and welcoming environment that shows empathy and that we care. 

Corporate Citizenship

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) responsibility and sustainability are embedded in everything we do. We define success as achieving commitments to our stakeholders while protecting the planet and fostering engagement with the communities in which we work.