Lightweighting, Manufacturing Processing, Supply Chain Management

Grede offers flexible high-strength ductile, gray and specialty iron options that compete favorably in cost and weight reduction with aluminum, forgings and ADI (Austempered Ductile Iron), which offer exceptional durability and performance


Lightweighting: Automakers are facing tough new emissions and fuel economy standards, so shedding pounds is becoming absolutely mandatory. Among the nation’s largest producers of critical cast-iron components for cars, light trucks, and commercial and agricultural vehicles, Grede has a major stake in the drive to reduce component weight.


Manufacturing Process Versatility: Multiple Process Choices


Grede’s broad experience in manufacturing and development engineering enables us to thoroughly and effectively evaluate alternative manufacturing process choices.



Control of Process Variables

Our predictive modeling and simulation of process variables in advance of production helps ensure that we use the most appropriate and efficient manufacturing methods for every component we make.

We employ mold fill and solidification process simulations to verify individual manufacturing process parameters, including gating systems, tool temperature and material cooling characteristics, thus minimizing casting imperfections, such as mold erosion, component surface imperfections, microporosity and part shrinkage.

Real-time manufacturing confirmation validates simulation data and verifies that the actual production process will operate as predicted at the required rate and volume, providing an opportunity for fine-tuning the system before actual production begins.


Production and Testing

Our casting processes are subject to continuous monitoring, control and improvement. In close cooperation with customers, Grede manufacturing experts use a well-defined protocol to prove out and implement adjustment to production processes that improve every measure of component quality, such as:

Metallurgical and Physical Testing
Design of Experiments Approach
Statistical Process Control
Quality Assurance and Testing
Off-line Validation of Product & Process
ISO 9001,ISO/TS 16949 & VDA

Grede engineers can meet almost any design, performance and cost requirement. Our manufacturing versatility and process control enables us to provide our customers with the best possible cast components.

Supply Chain Management: Grede’s success depends on successful supplier relationships. As our customers shift more responsibility to suppliers, it becomes increasingly important to manage the entire supply chain and that’s precisely what we do.

Our customers look to us to manage logistics, packaging and freight to ensure their products arrive on schedule. We leverage our global purchases and work with our preferred suppliers to ensure they meet our quality and delivery expectations.